Meaning of Logo/Name

The Image Of Your Smile

What brings a smile to your face?

For Dr. Phillips, a wild horse majestically running through a valley in the high desert came to mind. And since our office is Native-American styled, we felt a petroglyph look would capture the enduring history of our home and pay tribute to its first pioneers. 

We hope that our logo inspires you and gives you The Freedom To Smile.

A Name You Can Trust

Legends are believable, although not necessarily believed. What makes a legend so legendary is that it stands the test of time. Isn’t that true of a smile? In that sense, there is a legend in all of us!

Here at Legendary Smiles, Dr. Larkin, Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Phillips and their staff are dedicated to transforming ordinary smiles into extraordinary ones. We have for over 25 years! Whether or not you invest in your smile will help determine if it will stand the test of time. 

The true beauty of orthodontics is that we help develop the smile that is yet to be and that is uniquely yours. We believe in you and hope to see you achieve your dreams. We hope you will believe in us too, and will trust us with your smile!