Having treated countless patients for over 35 years, Legendary Smiles believes the best way to maintain your new, healthy smile is by wearing retainers and following best practices with respect to oral health and retainer maintenance. Depending on your prior treatment, you will be prescribed an upper and/or lower retainer that will ensure your teeth remain in their new and ideal position, preserving your beautiful smile.

The Importance Of Removable Retainers

Once your braces are removed, it is likely your teeth will want to “relapse,” that is to say, stray from their new position into their former state. Retainers not only hold your teeth in this new position, they also help finalize the proper spacing between the teeth and allow your gums to adjust to changes to the bone. Normally, 2 months of full-time wear is recommended immediately upon completion of your orthodontic treatment. After the initial 2 month period, wearing the retainer at night will be sufficient to maintain the proper positioning of your teeth.

How To Care For Your Retainer

Your retainer should be worn at all times with the exception of eating and brushing your teeth. Since retainers are very fragile and costly to replace, you will be given a special case to protect your retainer and prevent it from being lost or misplaced. It’s good to get into the habit of storing your retainer in this case whenever it’s not in your mouth. It’s also not recommended to wear your retainer when playing any sports that require a mouth guard, or while swimming in a pool or the ocean.

Cleaning your retainer is as simple as brushing it with standard toothpaste and rinsing it with cold water.  Make sure to clean your retainer thoroughly and regularly in order to avoid the buildup of any food particles that could possibly damage your teeth or the retainer.

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